Thursday, January 19, 2012

ikabegamá 2

Here is a new game with seemingly more interesting rules.

No tiles are distinguished from any others. The players agree on some starting setup consisting of some of their stones already on the board. For example:
The players also agree on some goal pattern or patterns which make them win as soon as some or all are achieved on the board. For example Light might win as soon as the following pattern of Light stones shows up locally anywhere on the board:
and Dark migh win as soon as the same pattern with dark stones shows up locally anywhere on the board:
The other rules are otherwise left unchanged from the first game ikabegamá in this blog. Let's call this game ikabegamá as well, adding 2 to the name only when the distinction is needed.

Here is a sample game with the starting setup and goal patterns as above. The two players are naively building up their own pattern apart from each other until Dark realises Light is going to win and it is too late to change that - except to postpone it one turn. The pictures show the board position after every move. The moves are shown by transparent reduced previous versions of every tiles that has just changed.


(game over, Light wins on move 13)